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Safeguard app to remotely control alarm system

By , IT in government editor
Africa , 12 Mar 2015

Safeguard app to remotely control alarm system

Safeguard Alarms has launched an application to allow its Zimbabwean customers to operate their alarm systems remotely using their smartphones.

Safeguard Alarms is an installation, maintenance and repairs firm of burglar alarm systems.

According to a statement the app makes it possible to use a smartphone to arm or disarm the alarm, switch the siren on and off, operate the electric gate, and switch outside or inside lights.

“All of this can be done no matter where one is, even if one is as far away as in the United Kingdom, provided one’s cellphone is roaming,” explained Safeguard Alarms managing director Reason Chitiva.

He added, if the alarm goes off a text message is automatically sent to the property owner’s phone advising of this. The householder can then decide what to do.

It can also be used to switch the lights in the house on at night and to switch them off again before going to bed. And it is possible to select what lights to switch on and off, said Chitiva.

“This clearly enhances an alarm system. When intruders see lights being switched on, they will obviously think there are people at home and awake, when they perhaps had expected the house to be empty or the occupants to be in bed,” Chitiva said.

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