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Vodacom Mozambique first to secure unified license

Vodacom Mozambique first to secure unified license

Vodacom Mozambique is pushing for access to spectrum "at reasonable market related pricing" within the current financial year – an objective more likely after the company recently became the first operator to be issued with a unified licence by the Communications Regulatory Authority (INCM)

The company's existing operating licence was due to expire on 23 August, but this has now been "renewed and improved" to make it more relevant to a more modern tech environment, according to INCM.

Ema Maria Santos Chicoco, Chairman of the INCM Board of Directors, said, "With the unified license, Vodacom will increase its technical capacity, strengthen its presence in the provinces, districts, localities and administrative posts. After all, the challenge is getting bigger."

The organisation says a unified license gives a telco ability to support newer technologies as the need arises without prejudice or requirements to obtain specific spectrum or numbering frequencies along the way.

Chicoco added, "The INCM has strongly supported the expansion of broadband and the mobile telephone network, the establishment of community multimedia centers in the country and digital squares; through the Universal Access Service Fund has also funded telecommunication projects with a focus on rural areas. All this effort is aimed at the development of the telecommunications market and the economy of the country."

This latest development has occurred just days after the mobile industry body GSMA, in its global spectrum pricing study, criticised the INCM for overpricing licenses leading to cancellation of bids which has negatively impacted the country's technical development.

Jerry Mobbs, Vodacom Mozambique General Manager, received the new licence on behalf of the telco, one of three mobile operators competing for market share in Mozambique.

The company grew its subscriber base by 18.7% to 6 108 000 in the last financial year and registered over 20 000 new M-Pesa agents.

The telco reported revenue of MZN 17 635 000 for the year ended 31 March 2018, up by 20.4% on the previous year.

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