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Ericsson celebrates 115 years in Egypt

By , ITWeb
Egypt , 02 Aug 2013

Ericsson celebrates 115 years in Egypt

Swedish multinational technology firm Ericsson has marked 115 years in Egypt at a dinner event for stakeholders from the country’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

At the event, Ericsson shed light on the history of its operations in Egypt.

Ericsson has a long-standing presence in Egypt, beginning in 1897 when the company was tasked with establishing the first telephone exchange system in the country connecting Cairo to Alexandria for the first time.

"Egypt has seen rapid advancement in its telecommunications industry in recent years, and we at Ericsson are proud of our role in helping to push it forward together with our partners,” said Isil Yalcin, president of Ericsson North East Africa.

“Ericsson's relationship in Egypt goes back more than 115 years, and our commitment to Egypt remains strong," said Yalcin.

Yalcin further went on to announce the company's social corporate responsibility initiative in the country around ‘smart schools’.

The smart schools initiative is planned to support innovation among Egyptian youth and nurture local talent.

And as part of the initiative, there is also expected to be a competition to encourage high school students to think of innovations to support the evolution of Ericsson's vision of a ‘networked society’.

"The new Smart Schools Initiative, which launches at the start of the new school year, is the latest reaffirmation of our commitment to Egypt's ICT industry,” said Yalcin.

“As Egypt moves toward a Networked Society, we hope to continue working with our partners in enriching local talent and further developing the ICT sector," Yalcin added.

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